The defining risk control data network

Built for financial institutions. Backed by Fitch. Risk Control Diagnostics digitize and assure your operational risk controls in a connected data network across your firm and industry.

Assured risk controls help across the Three Lines

1st Line Operational Risk Control
2nd Line Operational Risk
3rd Line Audit
Financial Institution Board
1st Line

Sustained completeness

Calibrate your risk controls to a data network of your peers to make them complete and efficient front to back.

Keep the business on the front foot with network driven risk intelligence and scenario analysis.

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Enhanced collaboration

Challenge with fact-based evidence and decisions based on data, not opinion. Strengthen 1st line collaboration with a common language.

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Augment assurance

Gain access to a single source of risk controls data, expressed in firm-wide terminology. Integrate audit planning, front to back, to partner more effectively across the business. Prioritise audits based on risk exposure and dynamic risk intelligence.

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Holistic view, informed by data

Unlock visibility and understanding of operational risk controls front-to-back. Enhance regulator engagement with intelligence and reporting. 

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  • 1st Line
  • 2nd Line
  • 3rd Line
  • Board

How the Acin Network and Platform helps

Data digitization
and standardization

Our data protocols connect your risk control data across your firm and industry. Standardize your approach with a single connected view.

Simplification and completeness

Remove proliferated and ineffective risk controls. Identify missing risk controls used by other financial institutions.

and quantification

Be proactive with Network intelligence on new risk controls, regulatory changes, and scenario analysis. Quantify your alignment to the data Network.

Acin's four operational risk solutions

Data Standardization & Ongoing Maintenance

What shape is your operational risk data in? Acin has the expertise to cleanse and standardize your operational risk data to the industry’s de facto Data Technical Standard.

Data Platform

Get an enterprise view of your risk and control data on the Acin platform, to gain robust reporting, editing tools, and automated workflows.

Data Network Access (Limited)

Gain a restricted yet insightful view of the sector-specific controls operated by your peers, as well as data insights, network-based notifications and alerts.

Data Network Access (Full)

Get full dynamic peer-to-peer access to the Acin Network, enabling you to proactively monitor changing regulations, external events, and perceived threats.

Delivering results


Data Network

Connecting financial institutions digitally to proactively manage operational risk control

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Acin Network members

Our Network consists of major financial institutions across the globe

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Relationships mapped

The Acin matching engine identifies how risk controls relate across our Acin data Network

What our customers say

Jamie Hamilton, Global Head of Markets Business Control Management, J.P. Morgan
Our established operational risk management frameworks enable the firm to monitor key areas of risk. The Acin platform and network will enable additional efficiency and a further source of practical validation.
We are delighted to have signed up to the Acin Network to collaborate on industry best practice and gather intelligence for risks and controls. This will support us in our ongoing initiatives to simplify the management of risk - by working with our peers to develop industry-wide common standards, we can improve the effectiveness of risk and control ecosystems.”
We continually drive to enhance our controls operating model and are pleased to participate in an initiative to verify our controls inventory against our peers and others in the market. The drive to standardise control definitions and processes across the industry will only enhance individual operating models and assist in the identification of real-time issues and incidents. We have been using Acin for the last few months and clearly see the benefits.

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