Climate Risk

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Acin can give you a head start in managing climate-related risk

Climate risk confronts all firms in financial services. Soon you will be required to evidence your firm’s ability to analyze, manage, and report on the wide range of emerging risks and controls.
Stakeholder focus is high. Climate-related regulation is fast approaching. To accelerate your ability to measure, manage and mitigate climate risk effectively, Acin has built a library of pre-defined climate risk inventories spanning a broad range of unique risks and controls. 

By digitizing climate-related risk controls Acin’s pioneering technology enables calibration of your climate risk controls versus peers. The Acin platform provides

A single source of truth 

for all climate risk data – informed by your peers as well as global sources 

Intelligent analytics 

generating continuous and ongoing actionable insights for climate risk management 

A unified digital platform 

for organizing, managing and calibrating climate risk data 

Data-driven insights 

that help to evidence the maturity of your climate risk framework 

Insightful dashboards 

for risk managers, as well as senior managers, executive committees and boards

Innovative peer analysis 

to share lessons learned and improve climate risk management for all 

Climate Risk: It's time to get ready

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Climate Risk Intelligence Report

The clock is ticking for financial institutions to address climate-related risk. In addition to considering the impact of your own operations (e.g. premises, travel) on climate, you must also consider the longer-term impacts of chronic climate change. The decisions you make will influence your ability to do business.

Emerging guidance from supranational bodies such as the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), central banks and regulators is plentiful, yet specific and actionable instructions are few and far between. 

Read our Climate Risk Intelligence Report to identify how to:

  • Avoid history repeating itself
  • Identify increasing risk factors
  • Fix risk and control gaps
  • Mitigate climate change risks

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