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The New Risk Paradigm: Non-Financial Risk Management

The New Risk Paradigm: Non-Financial Risk Management

The prominence of non-financial risks in financial services is becoming more prevalent and is being recognized as the emerging key area of risk management. On 30th June 2020, Acin and Fitch Learning conjointly ran a webinar to a global audience of risk management experts and senior L&D professionals, interested in knowing more about this topic and learning how non-financial risk management is changing to a new paradigm.

This 14 page report:

  • Summarizes the interactive feedback from a series of polls taken at the time of the webinar
  • Sets the context for the transformation that is happening within leading firms in the financial services sector, highlighting the opportunity that this paradigm shift represents for the whole of the industry
  • Explains how Acin, with its focus on data and data-driven insights, is helping to make the whole sector safer

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