The Acin Platform has been developed in line with how firms are typically organised


We have built a solution to tackle one of the last frontiers of non-financial risk. Furthermore, the approach we have taken is transferrable to many verticals.

In order for the Acin Product to best support your firm, we have developed the product in line with how firms are typically organised i.e. by business lines. To this end, we have used the 9 standard definitions of Basel II.

Corporate Finance

Comprised of corporate finance, government/municipal finance and merchant banking. Services including M&A, debt, equity, privatisations and research

Sales and Trading

Includes the sales and treasury teams with market marketing and proprietary positions, covering all asset classes including Fixed Income, Equity, Commodities, Credit, Foreign Exchange and Prime Brokerage

Retail and Private Banking

Lending and deposit services, which also includes banking services, that are provided to retail and high-net worth individuals

Agency Services

Inclusive of all services relating to escrow, depository receipts, securities lending and corporate actions

Commercial Banking

Provision of lending and guarantee services to entities that deal with Project Finance, Export Finance and Trade Finance


Delivery of guarantee products to both institutional entities and individuals to mitigate liabilities

Payments & Settlement

Provision of clearing and settlement services which support the transfer of funds between various individuals, businesses and financial institutions

Asset Management

All services related to both discretionary and non-discretionary fund management to entities which include pooled, segregated, retail and institutional investors

Retail Brokerage

Provision of guarantee structures against certain liabilities, transactional and execution services for both institutions and individuals

The Acin Network​

Acin has defined a standard data protocol for how risk and control data should be stored in consultation with participating financial institutions. This collective and collaborative approach has provided our customers in the network with improved decision-making, agile data-driven risk management, risk intelligence and strategic insights.

Industry Insight

Risk Intelligence Report

Download an example of our non-financial risk report– a new and renewed focus for financial services regulators, boards and senior managers.

The Acin Product

Digitising Non-Financial Risk

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