Supporting diversity in Non-Financial Risk Management

WiRC Annual Event

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Women in Risk and Control (WiRC) is a collaborative industry initiative formed to positively impact gender diversity in Non-Financial Risk Management (NFRM) at senior leadership levels, thereby enhancing the NFRM community.

We will achieve this by:


Nurturing a cross-firm network of talent to reach their full potential


Facilitating meaningful mentoring opportunities


Providing a platform to enable progression and empower individuals

Leadership values

Champion diversity

Lead and own the initiative alongside Acin

Propose and run WiRC events

Bring in their peers and juniors to the initiative

Promote WiRC in their own firms

Ambassadors to the NFRM industry

Previous Webinars

Catch up on the highlights

WiRC Annual Event: Gender Pay Gap

WiRC Annual Event: FinTech with Nadia The DEI Discussions – Women of FinTech
WiRC Annual Event: Embarking on a NED or Board Career
WiRC Annual Event: Finding the Right Person for the Job
Be Brave Take Risks and Fail…to Succeed – Webinar Highlights
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The Importance of Collaboration for Risk Professionals – Webinar Highlights                   
5 Top Tips for Mentoring in Risk Management – Webinar Highlights     
Top Tips on resiliency and maximising your career potential                                                       

Play an active role

Who is driving this initiative?

Rupal Patel

Data & Insight Director, Acin, Founder of Women in Control

Sally Clark

NED with Metro Bank plc and Strategic Advisor with ACIN

Samantha Ng

MD, Head of Portfolio Management and Transformation Risk - Deutsche Bank

Bukola Adisa

Founder/CEO of Career Masterclass and ex MD Controls framework at Barclays

Ian Max Ewart

CMO and Communications - Acin

Sonja Jackman

EMEA, Chief Control Officer - BNY Mellon

Lauren Rieder

MD, Head of Operational Risk Coverage, Investment Management CRO - Morgan Stanley

Lisa Craig

ED, eTrading Risk Management - Morgan Stanley

Mary Ericson

Global Markets E-trading Business Controls Manager – JPMorgan

Christine Estager

MD, Contrôle Permanent, Responsable Regulatory Referentials Advisory - Société Générale

Nasreen Pinto

Director, Global Head of E Trading Risk Management – Nomura

Nora Szabo

Director, Operational Risk - Credit Suisse

Carol O’Keefe

VP, Markets BCM

Sarah Evans

Business Operational Risk Manager, Europe - Standard Chartered

Kitty Koo-Tse

COO, Electronic Trading Risk Management - Citi

Puja Patel

Santander ED, Head of Financial Crime and 1LoD change

Swati Jain

Chief Risk Officer - Global FX and Local Currency Trading, Bank of America

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