The Acin Platform

Digitising Non-Financial Risk

The Acin Platform digitises non-financial risk management for business leaders and risk managers, so that you are empowered to assess risk and make decisions informed by an industry-wide data network

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The Acin Platform

Unlock the power of a collective data network and a seamless application to better manage risk.

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The Acin Platform

What it Offers

A complete suite of tools and functions for your non-financial risk management challenges.

Respond to Stakeholder Challenge

Risk Event Assessment

Compare to Peers

Identify Emerging Risk

Maintain Effectiveness and Efficiency

Demonstrate Completeness


Industry benchmarks

Compare how you perform against your competitors and identify the operational risk and controls gaps across the industry.

Risk insight

Understand how prepared you are to respond to internal or external risk events and be armed with data for conversations with regulators.

Risk and control content

Leverage Acin’s risk and control content to enhance your own data, all developed according to industry defined Data Technical Standards.

Data analysis

Compare how you perform against your competitors and identify the operational risk and controls gaps across the industry.

The Acin Data Journey

How we take your data and turn it into actionable insights.

We defined a standard data protocol for how risk and control data should be classified to support business uses using the 500k data points sourced from our customers.

Client risk and control data is stored in many formats – Excel, Documents, Presentations. Data is transformed and mapped to our taxonomy to create a standardised industry view.

Using automation and natural language processing, client data is captured and mapped onto Acin’s Network and therefore other industry participants. From this, the Acin network develops and grows.

Advanced data analysis techniques are used to compare a client to the whole network. This analysis identifies the strengths and opportunities for improvements in a client’s risk identification and controls

We unlock unique data insights on the behaviour and characteristics of the industry. We evaluate this information against KPIs associated with risks and controls as the network expands in order to make non-financial risk truly quantitative and develop non-financial risk ratings.

Industry Knowledge

Acin Events

Exclusive member-only roundtables to discuss key industry issues, share data-driven insights from Acin benchmarking, explore research and discuss emerging themes.

Industry Report by Acin & Fitch

The New Risk Paradigm: Non-Financial Risk Management

The prominence of non-financial risks in financial services is becoming more prevalent and is being recognized as the emerging key area of risk management. 

Acin Sectors

The Acin Product has been developed in line with how firms are typically organised.

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